Become a Master Yogi

All our yoga classes are structured in such a way as to ensure all students are mildly challenged and can still enjoy the flow. Whether you are a Beginner or an experienced Yogi, you are sure to find yourself deeply immersed in the light of our teachers. Expect a moderate flow class in each class with attention to breathing (pranayama), balance, strength & flexibility.

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Hatha Flow
Vinyasa Flow
Tai Chi

Mondays • 17:30 • 1h
Led by Charl

This form of yoga differs slightly from other forms of yoga in that the environment in which the yoga is done is heated,’warmed up’.
Heated yoga allows your muscles to expand and contract more when in position, without the risk of injuring your body.

Heated yoga is a great way to rid your body of any toxins and impurities as well as deepen your flexibility. This form of yoga can boost your mood as you continuously sweat, you allow your body to release endorphin's and ease uncontrolled energy in the body.

vinyasa flow

Coming Soon...
Led by Megan

Vinyasa yoga is faster-paced yoga that synchronizes the bodies movement with breath, allowing you to be more conscious of one's breathing and movement.

This form of yoga allows you to get in a great cardio session, getting your heart rate up and is also effective for strength training.

Vinyasa flow encourages you to stay focused, encourages proper breathing methods and allows you to feel more connected and free with your body.

Hatha Flow

Mondays • 09:00 • 1h
Wednesdays • 09:00 • 1h
Led by June

Deepen your strength and flexibility with Hatha flow yoga.

This form of yoga allows you to hold your poses longer, allowing your body to strengthen in each pose.

Hatha flow is a more controlled practice of yoga, however, it allows one to challenge themselves mentally and physically.

Release tension within your body's muscles and allow yourself to unwind.

yin yoga

Thursdays • 17:30 • 1h
Led by Megan

Maintain your flexibility and become more connected with yourself,your feelings and sensations with Yin yoga.

Yin yoga is great way for coping with stress and anxiety as you spend more time deepening your stretch. This allows you to target the deep connective tissues of the body and regulate the flow of energy within your body.

This form of yoga helps promote a deep state of meditation as you soften the muscles in your body with each pose,improving on your posture and allowing you to relax.