Deep Stretch Classes for Flexibilty & Mobility

Build Flexibility and Balance

These stretch classes are suitable for all levels of flexibility. Great as a warm up or cool down for other practices or if you’ve been sitting behind a desk all day.

Flexibility is essential part dancing and, more often than not, it is neglected in various sport practices & training. Professionals understand that flexibility is one of the most important physical aspects to becoming a great dancer/athlete. Having a good range of motion makes a dancer’s work appear more seamless and controlled. Flexibility also reduces the risk of injuries and recovery time for stiff muscles. Not only does flexibility elongate your lines and enrich the look of your dancing, it also keeps your mind calm and level-headed.

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Build Mobility and Flexibility

Available Stretch Classes

Led by Ioanna

During a sporting activity, your muscles are continually contracting and expanding.

Deep stretching for a sporting activity allows athletes to target specific muscles that would be used during strenuous activity, allowing your body to cool down before or after your session, returning to a normal pace.

It is important to stretch those specific muscles to allow your body's muscles to stretch back to their normal length to promote healthy blood circulation, reduce tension and prevent injury within the muscle.