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Dance is the beautiful movement of the body in a rhythmic way, that allows you to express yourself and showcase your creativity. It is an activity that allows the body to move through a range of movement, releasing pent-up energy.
Dance has no age limit, and for those who aren't active, dance is a great way to start your fitness journey.

By simply moving your body to the music, you allow your body to improve on muscular strength, endurance and improve on coordination and flexibility.
Dance is wonderful for improving heart and lung strength. However, dance does not only have great physical benefits, but it also has emotional benefits too.
These emotional benefits include a boost in self-expression, confidence and your creativity. Dance is a beautiful way to release repressed emotions

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Led by Ioanna

This arabic expressive form of dance encompasses various movements of the torso.
Belly dancing allows you to tone your upper body and improve on your balance and best of all, it allows you to relieve stress.

By taking part in this form of dance,you allow your body to better circulate blood through the body, and improve on your posture.
The dynamic movements of belly dancing also aids in better digestion of your body, allowing your body to move more freely.

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