About Our Studio

A new, wholistic approach to Health & Wellness

At IOANNA, we value the importance 0f health and wellness. But it goes so much deeper than just being physically healthy as an individual.

Being mentally, physically and spiritually healthy all play a part in the body being healthy as a whole. We are either balanced or unbalanced, it is important to find that balance in each aspect to experience an improved quality of life and well-being.

With the guidance of highly experienced coaches that also believe in synchronizing the mind, body, and soul, we are able to create a platform that allows the individual to flourish in all aspects of building their strength with deep stretch yoga, Pilates and if you're looking for a fun way to get healthy and fit, join in on the dance classes.

Grow spiritually with holistic healing alternatives such as Reiki.

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The Studio

A studio is not just a room with four walls, it is a sanctuary that calms the mind, heals the body and guides the soul. It is a place where one can focus on their needs and diversify themselves into a deeper state of well-being.

The feel of the studio you get as soon as you walk in should make you feel as though it is your second home, a safe space where you focus on strengthening not only your body , but your mind too.

The studio's music choice and interior should make you feel at ease, therefore it is vital that the studio is always clean and well looked after.